Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Portfolio Update 2007

Just like its creator, the photographic portfolio is a work in progress. It develops and evolves, reflecting the growth and maturing style or vision of a working photographer. To mark the one year anniversary of my photo blog, I offer an update of images from my present staff position as Aerial Photographer with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The diversity of assignments I cover is broad but not surprising considering that transportation issues impact nearly every facet of our lives, from communication and environmental matters to public safety and sustainability concerns.

In the future, I will continue to discuss and display my past and present work, as well as explore and expose topics of interest to contemporary photographers. I look forward to another year, thanks for visiting my blog, and your comments and questions are always welcome!

Photographic success is not just about getting the equipment. And you can't market yourself without a portfolio. If you love photography enough, the equipment will come, the portfolio will result and if you enjoy the process, success will follow. -Bruno Schreck