Monday, April 30, 2012

Arc of a Driver

Effortless. That's the way musician Steve Winwood describes the Arc of a Diver in his popular song. After a recent photo assignment, I've discovered an effortless way to save energy, money, and our planet . . . let's call it the Arc of a Driver.
Since October of 2007, Eugene, Oregon-based Arcimoto has been developing and refining all-electric vehicles that support sustainable transportation. Their tandem two-seat cars are designed for the everyday driver with the capacity to carry two people and lots of groceries, the ability to maneuver and park easily, and an estimated range of 40 miles (which varies depending on the battery pack purchased). All of their cars feature an all-electric ultra-efficient drive system, race caliber suspension, sturdy space frame, and a lightweight body shell.
Arcimoto's third and fifth product prototypes, the Pulse and the SRK, employ the "reverse trike" (two wheels in front) formation which means less drag on the road while providing a more stable platform for improved handling at higher speeds. Moreover, their tandem seating arrangement makes for a slimmer footprint enhancing stability and offering a unique driving experience by placing the operator in the center of the vehicle. It's like combining the best features of a car and a motorcycle! 

Arcimoto's base model vehicles are equipped with a 40-mile range battery but extended (80-mile) and premium (160-mile) battery packs are available. The cars are freeway capable with a maximum speed of 65 to 70 miles per hour, but the optimal operating speed is between 25 to 40 mph. The SRK plugs into any standard 110-volt household outlet or the 220-volt outlets found at public charging stations around the country. If the batteries are completely depleted, the SRK will take about 6 hours to charge from a 110-volt outlet and about 2 hours on a 220-volt source.
For a complete charge of the standard 40-mile battery pack, it will cost about $0.85 in Oregon or Washington and about $1.50 in California. What's more, that battery pack will deliver a theoretical fuel economy of 190 MPGe at neighborhood driving speeds! With numbers like that, it won't be long before Arcimoto is the Arc of a Driver.

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